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Due to COVID-19, bus routes will be changed, pending approval.


​The transportation staff works very hard to provide a safe means of transportation for our students, which in turn helps to support our student’s education and District’s goals. The department transports approximately 15,000 students to and from school daily with a total of 1.67 million miles. In addition, we provide busing for a variety of field trips and sporting events throughout the school year. This equals an additional 9,383 field trips and 255,458 miles. We have 103 busses in our fleet, 82 of which are fueled by Compressed Natural Gas. 44 of our vehicles are air conditioned, and most of them are equipped with Wifi.

We strive to run the district’s Transportation Department in the most economically sound, yet efficient manner possible. It is our goal to always put children first!


Phone: (559) 457-3138

Fax: (559) 457-3136

Address: 4498 N Brawley, Fresno, CA 93722

Office Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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